Is SAFe® Delivering Results? Let’s Prove It.

Designed to provide IT and business leaders with actionable visibility into the fruits of your SAFe transformation, Tasktop Viz compliments the tools used to execute the work. The Flow Metrics measure and visualize how fast and efficiently you deliver value, pinpointing where work is slowing down.

SAFe® Value stream management platform

Visibility for Leaders, Actionable for Teams

SAFe® vsm solutionSAFe® vsm solution

Visibility for Leaders, Actionable for Teams

Don’t lose sight of the reason you're doing Agile at scale: to increase the flow of business value through your value streams.

  • With each PI, are you increasing the number of features delivered?
  • Is time-to-market getting shorter?
  • Are you maximizing the capacity of your FTEs and contractors?
  • Are you able to adopt emerging tech faster?

Tasktop Viz measures the impact of your SAFe transformation by measuring flow for each value stream and tying it to key business results.

vsm SAFe webinarvsm SAFe webinar


Catalyze your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics

SAFe solution vsmSAFe solution vsm


Measuring Your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics

Scale vsm flow frameworkScale vsm flow framework


The Road to Scalable, End-to-End Flow Metrics for Your Project to Product Journey

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